The Cahuenga Pass, situated in the Hollywood Hills, is a unique community that provides residents with the benefits of living in the city while surrounded by the beauty and quietude of nature. As residents of the Cahuenga Pass, we take pride in the area: its rich history, pristine streets, diverse community, thriving businesses, excellent hillside school, and scenic views. To sustain all that makes our neighborhood special, we understand that our commitment as residents must include shifting our concern to the safety and security of our area, especially in response to recent events that have occurred. We have created the neighborhood watch – and this site – not only for security reasons, but also to bring the Cahuenga Pass community together, including residents, businesses, schools, and our emergency response heroes. So many of us live perched up in our homes and don’t even know our neighbors. Here is an opportunity to change this. We will be organizing coordinated meetings with law enforcement, as well as social events such as happy hours, pizza parties, park outings, block parties, to name a few. We have many ideas and we need YOU to participate. Please contact us to join either as a member or as an active coordinator. We can’t do it alone. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our mission: Our mission: To create a unified presence, organized community communication and strong community leadership that will help reduce crime in our neighborhood and the foster a broader dialogue that brings together all of our concerns and connects us as a community.



Membership is free and we have teamed up with some of your favorite local businesses to bring special resident savings to the Cahuenga Pass Community Alliance.

Break Room Cafe, 161 Street Pizzeria, Mercado, Kayle Hits, Lulu's Post Office, Universal Copy and Print, Joe's Falafel

Join your Cahuenga Pass neighbors in the hiring of ACS Security to help the recent surge of burglaries. LAPD does not have the manpower to give us preventative patrolling.

There has been a litany of property crimes in our neighborhood, from home burglaries to car break-ins, stolen vehicles, and even home invasions. To date, we haven’t had a solution to drive crime out of the neighborhood.

Our mission: To create a unified presence, whereby most homes in the neighborhood have ACS yard signs, a bright yellow patrol vehicle drives past your home frequently but randomly 24/7, the armed patrol officers know the area well, and can respond literally within minutes, so that crime is driven elsewhere.

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Read about how the recent passing of Prop 47 is contributing to the Cahuenga Pass’s recent crime surge…


Proposition 47 is supposed to free up prison cells for “real” criminals by reducing drug possession to a misdemeanor offense. But what if those addicts also are the “real” criminals we fear?

I know it’s too soon to render a verdict on the initiative approved in November. I was among the 58.5% of California voters supporting the shift away from tough-on-crime laws and a prison-building boom and toward a more balanced criminal justice system.

Proposition 47 isn’t perfect, but it’s a move in the right direction, I wrote back then.Now, three months in, I’m reminded that nothing is as simple as it seems.

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“Each of us is a being in himself and a being in society, each of us needs to understand himself and understand others, take care of others and be taken care of himself.”


Haniel Clark Long


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